Suspended Feeling (2017)

para percussão e ensemble

(dedicada ao Ensemble Court-Circuit)


Many statements from both popular and scholarly writings affirm that it is possible to “hear a suspended feeling” in African music. This sensation is associated to the strengths and peculiarities of African rhythmic shapes.


This piece parts from this idea to move trough two musical universes: the Afro- Brazilian musical tradition and the Contemporary Concert Music.

The aim is to explore aspects of the Yoruba music language related to this “feeling of suspension” in dialog with technical and technological issues of the Contemporary Concert Music. Rhythmic and melodic process of the Yoruba music, timbristic properties defined by specific instrumental technics, types of textural configuration are seized according to appropriated analytical tools, connecting ethnomusicology and composition.


By doing this, these elements are remodeled through contemporary compositional technics and processes, crossing different musical forces that interact, overlap, assemble and merge between each other.

copyright © 2014 sérgio rodrigo